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_photoemploys a combination of expertise, technology and production techniques to satisfy a diverse range of applications for the use of liquefied natural gas. We have developed a high level of solutions for your needs. Starting from consultancy and solution designing, to manufacturing of customized systems, up to after sales service and long lasting reliable support. HELENGI can supply LNG fuel gas systems in conditions and quantities required for marine and shore based industries, meeting the requirements of environmentally friendly and cost-effective operations. HELENGI is a company that targets to implement new technologies and ideas for developing innovative and environmental friendly energy infrastructure, specialized studies and expertise. HELENGI provides reliable and technologically advanced solutions for LNG utilization in land and at sea.




LNG is the fuel of the future. HELENGI considers liquefied natural gas to be the solution fuel over the current oil based fuels. For this reason, we can provide turn-key LNG system solutions with economical and environmental advantages. HELENGI in cooperation with Crynorm Systems has composed a high range of LNG services:


  • LNG as fuel for inland and seagoing ships

The transition to LNG in shipping is fully put in motion. LNG as a fuel offers significant environmental advantages over traditional fuels Marine Gas Oil (MGO) and Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) for ships. LNG powered ships readily comply with Stage IV emission standards for ships on the North Sea and Baltic Sea by early 2015 to take effect. Consider the benefits:
improving air quality
reduction of operational costs (both on fuel as on maintenance)
reduction of noise



  • LNG Bunkering systems (Land Based or installed on ship)

HELENGI can provide bunkering systems on ship or on land. The systems are developed to meet the international standards as well as the applicable regulations.



  • Training Courses and Consultancy

HELENGI’s training courses are provided by qualified and experienced engineers who cover all the aspects of LNG engineering, operation, treatment and installation procedure as well as risk assessments for fuel installations. Training courses run for 2 – 3 days in our training rooms in-house as well as onboard for practical coaching and supervision.



  • LNG and LCNG fueling stations for road vehicles



  • LNG re-gasification system for municipalities and industry

Custom engineered installations can consist of:
• Design and Installation conform to the European Standard
• Vacuum insulated storage tanks up to 500 m³ gross volume, working pressures in the range of 1-18 bar.
• Vaporizers, ambient air-, steam- or water heated. For large flows, gas fired vaporizers up to 7,5 MW/ vaporizer can be part of the installation.
• Gas heaters downstream ambient air heated vaporizers to ensure minimum gas temperatures under artic weather conditions.
• Interconnecting piping between components including all necessary devices to ensure safe manual or fully automatic operation.
• Plant control system in containerized modules.
• Regassification systems up to 1.500 Nm³/hr are skid mounted.


  • Small Scale Natural Gas Liquefaction

HELENGI can provide worldwide small scale natural gas liquefaction. Nitrogen expansion cycle is a technology proven process. A closed-loop nitrogen cooling-loop provides the cold for the liquefaction of the CNG.